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Special Lakyrsiew Harvest


Rare Mint Tea

They have finally arrived from the pottery – our very own bespoke tea set.

Very Rare
White Silver Tip

The most elegant silver tip you'll ever try...

Orange Blossom

Delicate and aromatic orange blossom from an organic orchard in the heart of Tarragona, Spain.

Our aim is simple; to source and supply the world's best tea, directly from farmers and their tea gardens.

What makes us different?

Unique Terroir

We travel the world in search of unique tea gardens and the skilled men and woman who craft the finest tea – where each harvest captures the most delicious flavours that their particular corner of the world can offer.

Unique Terroir

Direct Trade

We have been working directly with our farmers since 2004, building long-term relationships. We don’t buy from brokers, middle-men or commodity markets. We keep the value of their tea with the people who make it.

Direct Trade


We support the 3 pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. Our teas are grown without pesticides and herbicides. No bags with bleaches, glues and micro-plastics that waste precious resources for single use.


Rare Education. Rare Community. Rare Thinking.

Creating sustainable development and social change by re-investing a percentage of the revenue from Rare Tea sales into the young people connected to the Satemwa Estate.

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What our friends say about us...

Many, many thanks for that exquisite Lapsang and its charming little pot, I’m delighted to have them. Lapsang for a long time has been the only tea I really like, but the one you gave me is so subtle and refined – really deliciously performed that I doubt I shall ever go back to my habitual old rope.

Daniel Day Lewis

Tea to Henrietta is like a teddy bear to a child.

René Redzepi

The Rare Tea Company exemplifies the very best of quality food and drink in Britain today: the exquisite good taste of one gifted individual, Henrietta Lovell, realised in a collection of superlative products, in this case the very best teas that money can buy.

Jay Rayner

Henrietta's white silver tip tea is simply exquisite.

Angelica Houston

This has to be tea at its finest.

Mark Hix

The Rare Tea Company creates teas of outstanding quality and aroma. They offer the finest full leaves with intense flavours (Jasmine is our favourite at Tom Aikens) and Henrietta Lovell provides an excellent service.

Tom Aikens

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