Mother's Day Tea Gifts

I've been asked a lot over the years - what tea makes the best gift for mothers day? I've pondered this one long and hard. It's a bit like Valentines day. It depends so much on the person.

Mother's day tea really does depend on your mother. Of course, I would always say - the best loose leaf tea. But what is the best loose leaf tea? The best tea not only tastes amazing but it's good for the people who make it. I recommend Direct Trade tea, sourced from the tea garden and supporting those who make it - mostly women and mothers.

But the exact tea to give her, really depends on your mother.

My mother really only drank our Whole Leaf Green tea or our Green Tea & Mint blend. She wasn't too keen on English Breakfast blends, leaving them for my father. That might sound strange for someone born on a wind-swept Scottish island. But she grew up in Tangiers, Morocco. She was anything but a normal British mother. But what is a normal mother anyway?

One thing that is normal for most mothers, wherever they are in the world, is she will probably spend far more of her money and energy on you, than she ever would on herself. She probably doesn't buy herself her favourite tea very often - because she thinks of buying things for others before herself. And she may not have explored that far into the best loose leaf tea, having her time and resources focused on anything but herself.

I wish I had explored the range of our beautiful rare tea far more with my own mother. She loved listening to the stories of my travels, and complaining that I was never home. But she usually bought my Rare Tea as gifts for others, rather than enjoying it herself. She died this time last year. This is my first mother's day without laughing about it with her. She wouldn't let me buy her any presents. She said mother's day was silly; that there didn't need to be a unique day to love your mother- you either did or you didn't. She was ever a straight talker. And I did love her. And I miss her very much.

She was tirelessly looking after other people throughout my life. I did get the chance to take care of her, at the end, which I am very grateful for. But I dont think I'm alone is being conscious that I didn't always do enough to take care of the person who took the best care of me, and who loved me unconditionally. Our mothers are so often taken for granted. So here our my ideas for mother's day presents that go beyond the usual over priced flowers.

Ideas for mothers day tea gifts:

You might think of giving your mother a tea subscription this year- so that without her having to do anything, or think of anyone, a parcel of her favourite tea arrives every other week or month. You can decide which tea and the frequency here. If she is new to loose leaf tea - how about a loose leaf tea subscription box or gift set?

Your mother only drinks herbal tea? We have a gift set and subscription just for her!

Your mother doesnt have a tea pot? We have some beautiful ones she's sure to love here.

Your mother only likes english breakfast? How about our English Breakfast tea gift set.

Or send her on an adventure with my book...

Happy mother's day,

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Since 2000 Henrietta has been travelling the world, working directly with independent tea gardens, from the Shire Highlands of Malawi to the foothills of the Himalayas. Lovell is at the forefront of the tea revolution. She founded Rare Tea Company in 2004 to champion responsible and ethical relationships direct with farmers. In 2016 she founded Rare Charity pledging a direct percentage of Rare Tea revenue to their partner farms, supporting tertiary education scholarships. In 2019 Faber & Faber published her first book – "Infused - Adventures in Tea", named the New York Times book of the year and was awarded the prestigious Fortnum & Mason award. She is currently working on a documentary series.