Cold Infusions

Rare Iced Teas
Teas specifically chosen for cold infusion...

Our natural cold infused teas contain no flavourings or additives whatsoever. The incredible flavour comes from the natural leaf itself and skilled crafting, just like fine wine.

You can make cold infusion tea from almost all our loose leaf teas, but these have been specifically chosen for their suitability to release their best flavours in cold extraction. Making iced tea in this way makes it sweeter and softer than those made in hot water and left to cool. It makes exceptionally elegant green tea infusions and because you don't dissolve as much tannin you don't need to add sugar; even in black tea.

Cold brew tea is simple to create, gentle and refreshing, yet the flavours are fascinatingly complex. Our cold infusion teas make a great pairing for food and form part of the non-alcohol pairing menus of the best restaurants across the world.

There are infusion guides under each tea explaining how much tea to use and how long to infuse.