Loose Leaf English Breakfast Tea

The best English Breakfast tea is not one tea, it’s the one you love most, at any one moment. Like wine, we don’t stick to one favourite red exclusively. Or only eat one Cheddar cheese, forsaking all others. It’s the same with our favourite tea. We offer a range of English Breakfast loose leaf teas to fit your every taste and mood.

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This traditional English loose leaf tea is now more commonly found in industrial teabags made for volume and price over flavour. We keep to the original craft of small-batch, meticulously blended loose leaf English Breakfast teas. We hope they will get you through every moment in your day and your ever-changing life.

By choosing your English Breakfast tea loose leaf, you are saving trees that might have gone into making single-use teabags and the precious food resources to make corn “silken” mesh. Not to mention none of the bleaches, glues, plastics or industrial chemicals used in the manufacturing will get into you!