Loose Leaf Fruit Tea

We search the world for the best teas we can find. We don’t need or use additives and flavourings to make them taste amazing.

It’s the same as wine. Might you be concerned that "strawberries and cream" flavoured wine might be using bits of fruit and candy favorings to cover up cheap gut-rot? Would they add bits of fruit and "natural" candy flavourings to really good wine? Hmm. We don’t think so either. But if you are looking for truly delicious fruity loose leaf tea we can definitely help you. There are some amazing natural fruit flavors in tea. We’ve chosen the best fruity loose leaf tea – with all the taste naturally occurring in the leaf and brought out by amazing craft and skill.

The best loose leaf fruit tea and the best loose leaf herbal tea is simply the best tea that has flavours of fruit - naturally.

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