Loose Leaf Lapsang Souchong Tea


You would be completely forgiven for being surprised by the prices of our loose leaf lapsang souchong teas compared to some others on the market. But if you consider wine or craft beer or cooking oils, tea is no different. The best lapsang souchong leaf tea doesn’t come as cheap as a lower grade or an industrial bag.

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One of our beloved customers wrote to us about our top grade saying:

"Many, many thanks for that exquisite Lapsang and its charming little pot, I’m delighted to have them. Lapsang for a long time has been the only tea I really like, but the one you gave me is so subtle and refined – really deliciously perfumed that I doubt I shall ever go back to my habitual old rope."

Although our "tarry" does have some real power if you like your lapsang souchong tea loose leaf but very strong.