Loose Leaf Tea Accessories


These loose leaf tea accessories will help you get the most out of your beautiful leaves.

If you’re using one of our loose leaf teapots the tea strainer will filter out any small fragments of leaf from your cup.

Our Japanese tea accessories are crafted from sustainable bamboo in Japan and the bowls are handmade in the UK.

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If you are using a teapot, even though ours all have a plate behind the spout to hold back the leaves, some small pieces will inevitably get through. This is where a tea strainer steps in. Simply place it over your cup and it will strain out the finer fragments of leaf. Of course, this will mean you will have no tea leaves left in the bottom of your cup to tell your fortune.

Tasseography is the art of telling your fortune by reading the patterns in the loose leaf tea leaves left at the bottom of your cup. If you want to try this it’s best to forgo using a tea strainer or a loose tea infuser. However, we believe that drinking Direct Trade, sustainable, delicious loose leaf tea will secure the best future for our planet, tea communities and our health and happiness.

We don’t advocate tea infuser balls, (sometimes called a tea strainer ball) unless you’re brewing something very fine cut like rooibos. The best loose tea infuser needs to be as large as possible. You’ll see ours fills the cup. Always choose a tea infuser that allows your leaves as much room as possible to unfurl as they infuse. You want as much surface area of the leaf as possible to make contact with the hot water.