Loose Leaf Teapots

A range of beautiful teapots all perfectly suited for making loose leaf tea.

The best teapots for loose leaves have a plate behind the spout (all of ours do) so that the leaves are kept in the teapot for later infusions (the second or even sixth infusion of our premium loose leaf tea can often be the best). You can use a glass teapot for loose leaf tea to see the leaves unfurl and the colour change. But ceramic teapots, bone china teapots and stainless steel teapots are all equally good, made from neutral materials, they won't affect the flavour.

We recommend choosing an appropriate-sized teapot for loose leaf tea, so that you make just as much as you are ready to drink. In this way, the leaves won't slosh around getting over-steeped and the tea increasingly bitter and cold. And you can keep making further infusions. If you're making tea just for yourself we have beautiful loose leaf teapots for one.

We also have teacups to match some of our teapots so you can make up your own loose leaf tea set.

Do you need a teapot for loose leaf tea?

You don't need a teapot for loose leaf tea. There are a number of different ways you can make leaf tea in addition to a teapot - including an infuser basket or gaiwan (a traditional Chinese teapot).

Along with a tea strainer, these utensils enhance the beautiful daily ritual of tea-making.

With lots of options at different price points and different styles, teapots, gaiwans and tea infusers make wonderful gifts that can last a lifetime. A single-serve teapot can be great for one person or a large teapot is a lovely way to make and share tea with friends. A delivery of a teapot and a tin of tea in the post makes a gift everyone is thrilled to receive.

What types of teapots do you stock?

We stock a number of different teapots - made of a range of materials and many handcrafted by amazing ceramicists and artists.

From a handcrafted stoneware clay teapot by Trevor Lillistone to our wonderful stoneware mugs, tea cups and teapots with a celadon glaze by Charlie Collier. One of the most celebrated of the ceramicists we work with, Sasha Wardell, handmakes beautiful bone china teacups and teapots - true works of art.

A teapot can last a lifetime - our stainless steel teapot, for example, is made from hard-wearing British stainless steel. Beautiful teapots don't need to be fragile - our glass teapot made from special heat-resistant borosilicate glass is both beautiful and strong, whilst our elegant bone china teapots are strong enough to go through the dishwasher and withstand daily use.

We also stock spare teapot lids for some of our teapots.

What is a tea infuser?

Our Rare Tea Infuser is a stainless steel basket that fits in your mug to infuse your tea without the need for a tea pot and strainer. Just add your tea to the basket sitting in your mug and top it up with hot water.

We recommend our stainless steel infuser with a wide basket over a tea strainer ball, or tea tube because your loose tea leaves need as much room as possible to unfurl and infuse. If they are cramped into a tea ball clip or teabag, you won't get the best flavour out of your lovely leaves.

Tea bags not only constrain your leaves but can also leech chemicals, glues and microplastics into your cup. They're also a single-use of precious natural resources. Stainless steel infusers last forever and are a much more sustainable way to make your tea.

Loose tea kettles vs. teapots

In the USA loose leaf tea pots and loose leaf tea kettles are sometimes used synonymously. In the UK teapots are for infusing your tea leaves in and the kettle is used to heat or boil water.

Kettles can come with some amazing features. There are even some that allow you to brew the leaf directly in the kettle. We recommend a temperature-controlled kettle that allows you to easily heat your water to the required temperature for your tea. Only heating your water to the required temperature rather than to a full boil can help save energy and make the tea-making process easier.

Does tea taste better from a teapot?

A teapot alone won't make your tea taste better, but using a teapot to make tea with the right leaf-to-water ratio, water temperature, and infusing for the right amount of time will help you achieve the perfect cup of tea. A teapot makes the tea-making process easier.

A loose leaf teapot can also enhance the whole tea-drinking experience. Using a beautiful object can enrich your daily life and bring you immense pleasure.

Should you stir loose leaf tea in the pot?

You don't need to stir loose leaf tea in the pot, but a gentle stir or swirl won't cause them any harm. The tea leaves will naturally unfurl in the hot water by themselves.