Luxury Loose Leaf Tea

When you consider what is the best, most luxurious, loose leaf tea from (possibly, we hope you agree) the best loose leaf tea company in the UK and maybe the world - it does rather depend on what your tastes are and what your budget is.

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You can buy tea like wine, and define your own level of luxury. If your jumping-off point is big brand, teabag “builder’s tea”; or if you just really like very strong tea to stand up to a creamy splash of milk- our Speedy Breakfast is the most luxurious version of your favourite tea. Here is a loose leaf English Breakfast that has all the comfort and strength you could ever need - but with a deeper and more delicious flavour than you ever imagined possible.

If you are looking for a really premium English Breakfast tea that is incredibly complex and elegant - a blend of some of the world’s most exclusive teas - and that can be enjoyed without milk - Our Rare English Breakfast is the best loose leaf English Breakfast for you.

For Earl Grey lovers – our Rare Earl Grey is the luxury tea version. The best loose leaf tea, of course, deliciously blended with real bergamot oil (citrus bergamot from Calabria) instead of artificial flavourings. The Financial Times named it the best Earl Grey in the world.

If you like Lemon and Ginger, how about switching from a single-use teabag (with flavourings) for some real Himalayan ginger and pure Sri Lankan lemongrass - loose leaf and another world of deliciousness.

If peppermint tea is your thing we can blow everything else you’ve tried right out of the water with our beautifully elegant Portuguese Peppermint.

If luxurious to you means tea so rare only a few precious kilos exist, something so precious it is only available in tiny quantities for small amounts of time try our Extremely Rare Chinese Emperor's Golden Eyebrow, Rare Spanish Almond Blossom or Malawi Antlers.

What’s really important to us is that you never think of our truly delicious loose leaves as posh tea or fancy tea. Rare tea is accessible to everyone from builders to duchesses. Even luxury teas can cost just a few pence a cup, and you are free to choose how you define it, just as you do when you buy wine or cheese. Is it fancy loose leaf tea, or is it good for you, delicious and sustainable on every level?