Malawian Loose Leaf Tea

This collection of pure herbs and loose leaf tea from Malawi comes exclusively from Satemwa, an independent, family-owned farm in Shire Highlands.

We have been working together with Alex and his team since 2007 and are incredibly proud and grateful for the long friendship, incredible innovation and world-class Malawian loose leaf tea they grow and craft for us. Here you will find exclusive harvests and single estate loose leaf blends made with us and for us.

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Satemwa’s ambition has always been to create a thriving community and rich ecosystem. They have areas of protected virgin forests within the farm that are pesticide and herbicide-free, although not organically certified because of the prohibitive costs. They create diversity with tree planting, coffee and herbs and offer seedlings to smallholders to grow more of these loose leaf organic herbs; and they make their own organic "tea" fertiliser to enrich the soil.