Loose Leaf Pu'er Tea


In China pu'er tea is sometimes described as dark tea or black tea, but this is different to what in the West is called black tea - which is known in China as red tea.

Rather than a fast wet ferment - like a kombucha - pu'er tea is a long, slow microbial fermentation of dried and oxidised leaf tea. Chinese pu'er tea originates in Yunnan and is still practiced and the methods developed by many tea makers across the region. The art has been adopted by others beyond China and we are extremely proud to supply some of the rarest pu'er tea in the world, from Malawi.

An earthy, yet silky and deliciously umami infusion pu'er is often drunk alongside food. It is traditionally thought that pu'er tea is good for digestion and can help the body break down fats. Some research suggests that it is the caffeine in pu'er that is responsible for this.