Rare Tea Farm Profile - the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden

Dhankuta, Eastern Nepal

Full Name: Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden (Moon-lit Tea Garden)

Country: Nepal

Location: Dhankuta, Eastern Nepal

Coordinates: N 27° 01'E 087°19’

Closest Town: Hile

Altitude: 1650-2200m. Average 1850m.

Head Teamaker: Morris Orchard

Number of Employees: Approx. 200 – mainly women

Extract from Infused:

Tea is, of course, much more than rescue and remedy. It can be a source of pure joy, offering you a proper buzz of elation from its flavour alone. I’m particularly partial to a Nepali black tea for elevenses, and perhaps a ginger biscuit. Specifically, the teas of Jun Chiyabari...”

Over the years they have slowly been purchasing different plots as and when they can. As a result, the tea garden is made up of 96 hectares spread over 5 divisions throughout the hills – this mixed range of terroir exemplifies the unique flavour of their finished teas.

The underlying philosophy of Jun Chiyabari is respect for produce, people and place.

The gardens are tended and the tea crafted under the wonderful Morris Orchard.

Quote from Infused:

“Morris has a round face that creases easily into a deep smile, but there is a seriousness about him, as with Alexander at Satemwa, that comes from the responsibility he carries for the land and the people who live and work on it. Both men are very gentle, thoughtful, quiet even, but with the mischievous streak of revolutionaries and a concrete determination.”

Language is a very important part of the tea philosophy at Jun Chiyabari – they prefer not to use the term ‘orthodox’ to describe the type of teas they are making – they would rather be known for crafting ‘high mountain teas’.

There are six harvest seasons at Jun Chiyabari, allowing them to produce a wide array of speciality teas along the oxidisation spectrum.

While employment is critical for providing financial independence, Bachan believes that:

"...an educated citizenry is singularly the most important asset that a nation can have. We view investment in education in the same way as our nurturing of young tea saplings that grow to become mature, healthy bushes that produced quality teas."

We’re extremely proud to partner with the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden and share their teas with you.