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Our mission is to source and supply the world’s best tea and herbal infusions, directly from the men and women that grow and process them.

We want to redefine what good tea means and with your help we can do things differently.

Not only will you be part of a much needed #teachange, but you will also:

Have our beautiful tins on your shelves.

Inspired by art from around the world our tins are absolutely unique.

Offer the same tea that is served in the best hotels and restaurants in the world, meaning your customer has access to the best.

Have our global prestige for being the best and most ethical tea business; safeguarding your reputation.

Benefit from our model of direct trade; we know where our tea comes from, how it is crafted and by whom.


No brokers, no middlemen.


Long term sustainable change...

Why is a #teachange needed now?

We are leading a new way - good tea for a good price (just like artisanal bread, cheese, wine and coffee).

The reality is that seven giant agribusiness control 90% of North American and European tea.

The vast majority of tea growers that supply this tea live in poverty with life expectancy rarely reaching the 50’s.

Logos on packaging have not and do not change the status quo.

We all understand the value of craftsmanship for bread, cheese, wine and coffee – it is time we make this connection to tea.

Help us to tell the real story of tea.

Together we can make an impact and really change the world of tea.

It is better for the people who craft it, better for the land it is grown on and it also tastes better.

Our three key principles:

Environmental Policy

We only work with farms committed to an organic approach to farming – no herbicides or pesticides.
By drinking loose leaf tea, we can help reduce waste and the unnecessary use of plastics and industrial chemicals that are used in production of teabags.

Direct Trade

We do not buy from brokers and there are no middlemen. Real relationships, both with the farms and our customers, are essential to Rare Tea.
We buy for quality and not price, valuing our farmers as much as our customers.

Rare Charity

A direct percentage of revenue raised from tea sales will go directly to funding scholarships for disadvantaged youth in Malawi. Find out more about Rare Charity’s work here.

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