Ethiopian Koseret
Ethiopian Koseret
Ethiopian Koseret
Ethiopian Koseret
Ethiopian Koseret
Ethiopian Koseret

Ethiopian Koseret Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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This may well blow your mind. A herbal infusion with stunning flavours of tomato vine, basil and lemon. It comes from the Kafa Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia.

Grown by an all-woman cooperative of organic smallholding farmers.

Naturally caffeine free.

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Tasting Notes

Koseret has complex and exciting flavours that are utterly unique. Described by a Noma chef as like a hit of slapped basil over fresh tomato. The taste is sweet and herbaceous, with bright lemon.

In cold infusion the flavour is remarkably clean and pure. Both hot and cold, it makes an extremely refreshing drink.


For a hot infusion use 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water (1g per 150ml).

For a cold infusion use 0.1 oz of leaf per 33.81fl oz of water (1g per litre).


For the optimum infusion use 212°F (100°C) water.

For a cold infusion, fill at room temperature and place in the fridge to infuse.


Infuse for 1 - 3 minutes, tasting regularly.

(This is one of the rare herbal leafs that will become bitter with longer infusion, so make sure you try little and often.)

For a cold infusion, infuse for 8 hours or overnight.


You can infuse these herbs at least three times. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

23¢ per cup based on 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water and 3 infusions.

Lippia adoensis

Verveine d’Afrique


Andinet Spice Cooperative

Rare Tea donated 4000 seedlings to the cooperative in 2022.

The ladies don't have space or capacity to set up nurseries of their own right now. However, as the women generate more revenue, it encourages the men to give up more land for future nurseries and our women's plants.

Ultimately they will become entirely self-sufficient.

Kafa Biosphere Reserve


Kafa Biosphere

Afromontane Cloud Forests

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