Infused - Adventures in Tea
Infused - Adventures in Tea
Infused - Adventures in Tea
Infused - Adventures in Tea
Infused - Adventures in Tea
Infused - Adventures in Tea

Infused - Adventures in Tea

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Our founder, CEO and intrepid tea explorer - Henrietta has only gone and finished her book, at last.

Join our very own indomitable Rare Tea Lady on her mission to revolutionise the world of tea. Infused offers a fascinating insight into her adventures across the globe, and explains how her love affair with tea has shaped her life. Unsurprisingly, her pursuit of our lovely leaves has got her into a fair amount of hot water along the way.

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571324392

US Edition

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05 July 2022
United States United States

A tea superstar

Many people fawn and awe over Hollywood stars and mega hit singers but I absolutely adore tea industry peoples. Ms. Lovell is at the top of my list of people I would love to meet. Such an amazing person with fantastic stories. A inimitable writing style that will not only keep you turning pages but have you drooling for tea.

21 April 2022
Wendy K.
United States United States

Lovely experience from the first word to the last

Love Infused; listening twice so I don’t miss a word and enjoy Henrietta's soothing voice. Lovely lovely book. The descriptions of the beautiful places and people are described with her deep appreciation and gratitude. Enjoying the teas described in this book is an opportunity to engage with the farm and the people; to meet characters from the book. Every time Henrietta describes one of her teas I want to experience them and into the shopping basket they go.

23 March 2022
United States United States

This book is everything...

In love with this book. Inspiring, romantic, and delicious. It makes me dream about taking an adventure to discover the origins of the teas I cherish. It has introduced me to some new teas and provided critical advice for tea preparation. I keep going back to this book. I hope Henrietta does another one…. Sip her teas while you read for the best experience.

21 July 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Such a wonderful journey

I picked up your book at a local cafe yesterday. It was just there, standing in front of me and I couldn’t resist. I can’t bear it. I can’t bear to put it down because I want to keep living between its pages and I can’t bear to pick it up because I don’t want it to end. It’s such a wonderful journey - I mean the journey from page to page. I find my favourite reading these days is less about absorption (knowledge) but more about infusion (the writer’s presence, shimmer, song). Like Micheal Cunningham’s ‘Land’s End, A Walk Through Provincetown’, or W.G. Seabals ‘Austerlitz’, or any number of journal-istic travel-come-biographic texts. Yours has a touch of Debo Devonshire mixed in for an extra kick.

28 June 2021
United States United States

Passionate about Tea

Reading this book was not only pure pleasure but changed my relationship with tea. It was informative and entertaining. One of my most favorite parts of the book was when she shared her wonderful first tea memories. I made me look back and remember the memories that have given me a love of tea. My morning ritual of making tea has been transformed from the way I brew the tea to viewing the tea leaves as they have changed after steeping in the perfect water temperature. I am anticipating with joy rereading the book and my tea adventures growing. I do not often give books because reading tastes are so different but this one that I love to share with my fellow tea lovers so that their tea experiences can be expanded!

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