Malawi Coffee Leaf
Malawi Coffee Leaf
Malawi Coffee Leaf
Malawi Coffee Leaf
Malawi Coffee Leaf
Malawi Coffee Leaf

Malawi Coffee Leaf Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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Coffee Leaf, also known as Coffee Leaf Tea or Kuti, is a unique infusion made from the leaves of the coffee plant. It’s not tea, and it doesn't taste like coffee.

What is coffee leaf then? A unique and delicious herbal infusion; low in caffeine and packed with antioxidants.

Despite being a herbal infusion this is not caffeine-free.

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Tasting Notes

The flavour is closer to a black tea, than to coffee. Coffee leaf “tea” has a gentle sweetness, rich notes of chocolate and vanilla with a smooth mouthfeel and low astringency.

The second infusion is more vegetal with a subtle earthiness.


Use 0.2 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water. (3g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion use 212°F (100°C) water.


Infuse for 2 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

41¢ per cup based on 0.2 oz of tea per 5.1 fl oz of water and 2 infusions.

Zero Waste

At Satemwa they make their pure loose leaf coffee tea from what might have been wasted during coffee pruning. Every eight years, they cut the coffee plants back to the stump to reinvigorate the plant. When it starts to create new shoots, they keep the two strongest for regrowth and prune the rest. These tender little shoots are gathered and crafted into a delicious "tea".

This pruning is done on a rotation through the coffee , so there is always a harvest each year.

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