Rare Kashmiri Saffron Blend
Rare Kashmiri Saffron Blend
Rare Kashmiri Saffron Blend
Rare Kashmiri Saffron Blend

Rare Kashmiri Saffron Blend Loose Leaf Black Tea

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(77Ā¢ per cup)

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Fragrant and luxurious black, Indian Himalayan loose leaf tea from the tiny gardens of Lakyrsiew and Temi blended with precious strands of Kashmiri saffron.

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06 February 2022
United States United States

This tea is great for brewing Kashmiri Chai

I'm not sure how this tea does steeped, but going through the therapeutic process of preparing kasmiri chai, the subtle hint of saffron is perfect.

29 January 2022
United States United States

Nice but needs a tweak

This is the first time I'm writing a review for the site, because I like all of their teas, but this one needs just a little fine tuning, hence I hope if others agree, the company might change this blend. The issue is that the tea is not strong enough and the saffron itself too faint. I can tell that the idea and basic flavor works, and I really like it; however as it stands its neither strong tea nor discernible saffron. I've tried using more amounts, or for longer periods, but it just doesn't do it. And I've ordered it 3 times, all the time wanting to make it work, but in the end just couldn't get it to be within by spectrum of acceptability. So for me, until the recipe is changed, this tea will -sadly - not be reordered.

27 April 2021
United States

A miss for me

This is my first disappointment from Rare Tea. With saffron, I guess I was expecting a more robust flavor. This tea is very delicate, and there is barely any saffron in it, so if you are a huge fan of the flavor of saffron, you might be disappointed with this tea. It's quite pricy for not much tea, and I like just about all the other black teas from this company more than this one. That being said, I do taste the toffee and fruitiness of the tea, but it tasted almost like a weak fruit-flavored bagged tea. I tried brewing different amounts for different times. Nothing made it work for me. Thanks anyway. It was fun to try!

17 December 2020
Robin M.

Kashmiri saffron

I love this tea. Ordered some and then ordered some more!

21 November 2020
India J.
United Kingdom

Saffron tea

This tea is excellent . Subtle and rich tasting at the same time .

Tasting Notes

Rich flavour notes of burnt toffee, gentle elderflower, ripe gooseberry and physalis. Beautifully balanced and smooth with a yolky mouth feel.


Use 0.09oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water (2.5g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion use 185Ā°F (85Ā°C) water.


Infuse for 1 to 2 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea several times. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

77Ā¢ per cup based on 0.09oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water and 3 infusions.

LaKyrsiew & Temi Tea Gardens

These elegant hand-crafted teas are grown organically high in the pure air and water of the Eastern Himalayas in the lush green gardens that roll down from the mountains in Sikkim and Meghalaya.


Kashmiri Saffron

Kashmiri Saffron

We are not doctors, or indeed snake oil salesmen - but there are no known negative side effects of drinking tea or saffron. They are absolutely delicious and in their pure forms like this, combine to help us feel good, at the very least from their sublime flavour.

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