Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot
Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot

Rare Tea Ceramic Teapot

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A white china teapot made especially for Rare Tea Company.

Small but perfectly formed this is the ideal size for one perfect cup of tea (150ml), to ensure every last drop is poured and no over-infused leaves are left in the pot. You can of course, refill the pot for many delicious subsequent infusions.

Made from hard wearing ceramic, it may look delicate but is as strong as an ox - includes a built in gate to hold back the loose tea leaves - it will filter out everything but finer cut loose leaf teas (such as Speedy, Earl Grey & Lost Malawi).  To guarantee no finer leaves ending up in your cup, we have our Rare Tea Overcup Strainer.


  • 150ml (5oz) capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ceramic direct hole filter

Spare lids available here.

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01 March 2021
Melanie P.
United States

Rare Tea has changed my life-at least my tea drinking life

I thought I knew something about tea until I encountered the Rare Tea Company. The teas and teapot I purchased have changed my tea game and maybe even, my life! And it all began with reading Infused! I realize now what I had been missing all these years in my tea drinking. Wonderful, subtle and magnificent cups of tea have been steeped and savored since I began a customer/devotee of the Rare Tea Company! Thank you RTC for taking some of the sting out of Sheltering in Place-everything seems a little rosier when I have one of your cups of tea, brewed in my adorable one cup teapot! Best Regards!

16 July 2020

Beautiful little teapot

I struggled to find a genuinely one-cup teapot, but here it is. Beautifully made, tiny, just right for a 150ml teacup. Lovely quality and feels sturdy for its size. I was apprehensive about ordering a breakable item online, but it was perfectly packaged. It is so pretty that I have put it on my windowsill to act as a decorative item between uses!

28 May 2020

Perfect vessel to brew a perfect cup

I used to have to measure 150ml with a digital scale but now I just pour the water to the rim! The pot is small, but well made. No small imperfection (tiny bumps) that I can see. No tacky insignia (but probably made in China as all things are). The built-in filter filters out large leaves (antler, white peony ..etc.) with ease. The color is ... I would call a dignified white. Not hurt-the-eyes sharp, definitely no neglected-teeth yellow hue. It is like fresh cream in the shape of an adorable tea pot.

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