South African Wild Rooibos
South African Wild Rooibos
South African Wild Rooibos
South African Wild Rooibos

South African Wild Rooibos Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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The real South African Red Bush. Beyond organic, this Rooibos is harvested completely wild in its indigenous habitat in the Cederberg Mountains.

Naturally caffeine free.

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17 December 2022
United States United States

The best Rooibos you will try.

After interviewing the company ( and reading her book this was a purchase that was not only one to help the company but also one from the heart. I heart you, Henrietta. Incredible woman, with an incredible story, and incredible tea. They included samples with my order. This was one. The aroma is wonderful somewhat buttery, earthy, and sweet butter cookies. The flavor is also very nice. Probably, no, definitely the best rooibos I've had. The butter cookies transfer into the background flavor but you may miss it if you aren't thinking about it because the earthy tones of dry desert and desert wood are somewhat overshadowing. But in a nice way. Whether you've tasted good or bad or no rooibos at all you need to try this.

05 August 2022
Reggie W.
United States United States

Changed my view of rooibos

I normally don’t like Rooibos because of the soapy, mineral taste that is hard for me to get over. This Rooibos still tastes like Rooibos. But I find it to be the most pleasant Rooibos I’ve had thus far. Would definitely recommend it, for certain! Thank you for sourcing such delicious products!

14 July 2022
Kim L.
Canada Canada

Wild Harvest Rooibos

I love this tea. It’s my afternoon and evening tea.

04 March 2022
Denise L.
Canada Canada

Favourite rooibos

My favourite rooibos tea!

01 March 2021
Henrietta I.
United Kingdom

South African Wild Rooibos

DELICIOUS! I love it! I adore it's deep caramel-toffee flavour. I'm very lucky to have lovely local raw milk to go with it but I'm also enjoying it with Glebe Farm Cambridgeshire oat milk, adding a sweet creaminess. I really look forward to it in the afternoon. As I'm on my feet all day in the kitchen and staying hydrated is important, I also like knowing it is caffeine free too. I'll have my white Baimao Hou green in the morning, and Rooibos in the afternoon. Knowing that it is coming from independent farmers who are being paid fairly and stewarding the land with love and kindness, makes it even more delicious and nourishing. THANK YOU RARE TEA CO AND ALL YOUR TEA FARMERS.

Tasting Notes

A richly delicious infusion with deep earthy notes, bright red berries and cedar. Can be beautifully enhanced by the addition of a twist of lemon zest.

If you enjoy sweetening your tea, Rooibos turns to caramel with a delicate drop of maple syrup.


Use 0.09oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water (2.5g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion use 212°F (100°C) water.


Infuse for 1 - 3 minutes, tasting regularly.


You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

24¢ per cup based on 0.09oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water and 2 infusions.


South Africa




Bush Tea


Dr Frikkie Strauss

An extract from "Infused: Adventures in Tea"...

Hangover Rescue Recipe

It's our wild rooibos, sweetened with a bit of maple syrup, brought alive by a squeeze of lemon juice or a spritz of lemon zest and balanced, like a salty caramel, with a single grain of sea salt. It's smooth, deep and mellow and, goddamn it, I think it really works. Rooibos has been used for thousands of years by local tribesman in Africa to treat dehydration. The maple and the salt provide the necessary electrolytes to make it isotonic.

Use 3g of rooibos tea per 150ml of boiling water and steep for three to five minutes. Strain and stir in: half to one teaspoon of maple syrup, according to preference; a squeeze of half a lemon; and a flake of sea salt. Add a twist of lemon zest on top.

When I'm particularly crushed by a hangover, crushed so small I feel like a little girl lost in an IKEA car park in a strange city as night falls, I use vanilla rooibos.

You don't have to buy a flavoured rooibos. Some synthetic vanilla flavourings come from by-products of the wood-pulping industry and the natural ones might come from the anal glands of beavers. (Okay, the beaver bum juice is a rare one you're unlikely to stumble across, but it is a ‘natural' flavouring.) It's safer to just use vanilla pods.

Fill a glass jar, (I use one with a wired, flip-top, rubber-sealed lid) full of rooibos. Take a vanilla pod and cut it open lengthways, as if opening the belly of a fish. Stick it in the jar so that it’s entirely submersed in the rooibos (cut the pot into pieces if you need to). Put the jar in a cupboard you use regularly and leave it for a couple of weeks, giving it a shake every time you see it. You can use a zip-lock bag instead, but I’ve found glass is better at holding the flavour over time. The good stuff has so much flavour, you want to keep it at its best. And the really good stuff is wild.

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