Spanish Fennel Flowers

Spanish Fennel Flowers Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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Sweet, floral and fragrant Fennel flowers grown on an organic farm, nestled in the hills on the outskirts of Tortosa, Spain.

Grown and hand-harvested for us by our dear friend Ferran Rojo Sol, the same chap we must thank for our Rare Spanish Almond Blossom.

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Tasting Notes

Elegant and smooth with a unique sweetness and a bright aroma. A vivacious anise flavour with notes of citrus. The mouth feel is soft and round and there isn’t the least trace of bitterness.


Use 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water (1g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion use 212Β°F (100Β°C) water.


Infuse for 2 minutes, tasting regularly to find your optimum time.


You can infuse these leaves at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

$2.40 per cup based on 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water and 2 infusions.



In late spring the plant produces an abundance of yellow flowers that Ferran harvests by hand in July. He delicately cuts the stalks then ties the blossoms into groups, where they are hung and left to dry in his farmhouse.


Ferran Rojo Sol

Ferran is a humble man. He happily spends his days quietly growing organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers, supplying his bounty to the local community through his small farm shop.

People began coming from far and wide for his outstanding produce.

Word spread further afield, and it wasn’t long before the chefs at Mugaritz (currently no.7 on Worlds 50 best restaurants) went to visit- and they introduced us.

At Rare Tea we are constantly searching for new terroirs, new flavours and new adventures. What Ferran was doing ticked all these boxes, and Henrietta went to visit to ask if we could collaborate – lucky for us, Ferran said yes.

Like many of the farmers we are fortunate to partner with, Ferran quickly became a friend. Back in 2018 he was in London and joined us for our Rare Tea Christmas Party!

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