Tea Masterclass - Exploring Black Tea

Tea Masterclass - Exploring Black Tea

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For our next tea Masterclass Henrietta will be delving into the world of black tea. Milk? Sugar? Both? None? Her answers may shock you...

As with all our Masterclasses, this will be laid back and gentle. The aim is to be inclusive, informative and illuminating - rather than stuffy or overbearing. This isn’t a class laying down what you MUST do, more some useful advice on what you MIGHT do to enhance your enjoyment and deepen your appreciation.

You will learn a few expert secrets and some of the stories of the people and communities behind the teas.

Pick up a bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get a ticket to this masterclass absolutely free.

A Black Tea Masterclass, streamed online, hosted by Henrietta Lovell (the Rare Tea Lady).

Saturday 13th March at 5.30pm (GMT) for 60 - 70 minutes (including questions and answers). (CET 6.30pm, EST 12:30pm, CST 11.30am, MST 10.30am, PST 9.30am.)

We'll be privately streaming the event via YouTube Live. You'll be emailed a link to access shortly before the event starts.

TICKET ONLY - this is a digital product and does not require shipping.

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