Tea Masterclass - Tea & Sustainability II

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Tea Masterclass - Tea & Sustainability II

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Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword that is too often thrown around without having any tangible meaning. It can be used as marketing “greenwashing” in the tea world. In this masterclass, we attempt to give real shape and specificity to our approach to environmental sustainability over a few delicious pots of tea.

From our Himalayan Ginger and Lemongrass (which contains ginger from the wholly organic region of Sikkim in India with lemongrass from smallholder co-operatives in Sri Lanka) - to our Malawi Coffee Leaf (which makes use of an often wasted part of the coffee plant) we’ll explore how an environmentally sustainable approach to farming can create something truly delicious.

You’ll find out about the incredible people behind our Nepalese Himalayan Black Tea from Jun Chiyabari in Nepal and our Shincha green tea from Kagashima in Japan - farmers doing wonderfully innovative things to ensure the land where their tea grows can flourish.

Pick up the bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get the ticket to this masterclass absolutely free.


A Tea & Sustainbility Masterclass streamed online, hosted by Henrietta Lovell (the Tea Lady) and Holly from Rare Tea


Sunday 10th of September 5:30pm (GMT) for 60 - 90 minutes (including questions and answers).

(CET 6:30pm, EST 12:30pm, CST 11.30am, MST 10.30am, PST 9.30am.)


We'll be privately streaming the event via Zoom, the link to access will be sent the same day of the event.

This masterclass isn’t a lecture about you being 'being more green', it's a celebration of the amazing work people are already doing to protect their patch of our planet.

Through these teas and the people who grow and craft them, we will also explain our efforts to support the two other pillars of sustainability (social and economic), demonstrating why it takes this triumvirate to build a safe future for tea communities, and their land, to really thrive into the future.

Don't worry if you don't have these teas - the Masterclass will be a wholly inclusive celebration of loose leaf tea across the board.

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