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TeaLady Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea

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This loose leaf tea is our Rare Tea Lady's (founder Henrietta Lovell) riff on a traditional Earl Grey; a more delicately herbaceous and distinctly lemon blend.

Instead of containing just black tea and the essential oil of bergamot that composes a traditional Earl Grey Tea - we’ve built up the lemon notes, not with more citrus but uniquely with delicious lemon herbs.

Rich yet elegant black loose leaf tea from the Shire Highlands of Malawi blended with Italian Bergamot, Malawi Lemon Verbena and Sri Lankan Lemongrass.

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Use 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water (2.5g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion (without milk) use 194°F (90°C) water.

If you prefer milk, use 212°F (100°C) water.


Infuse for 1 minute at 90°C (sans milk), and 2 - 3 minutes at 100°C (with milk).

Taste regularly to find your optimum time.


You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

26¢ per cup based on 0.1 oz of leaf per 5.5 fl oz of water and 2 infusions.

Tasting Notes

The bergamot is a subtle note rather than a deep perfume. Built on an elegant foundation of silky black tea, we have gently layered herbaceous lemon.

Flavours of lemon and fresh summer herbs; clean, bright and uplifting.

(This tea makes a wonderful base for a gin cocktail. Best hot extracted and rapidly shaken over ice with gin and a spot of sugar or honey.)


Satemwa Estate, Malawi


Robert "Chip" Kay

He would add a few leaves of fresh lemon verbena into his pot of black tea. Sadly Chip died in 2019 in his 90’s after a long life of tea. But his inspiration lives on, and the lemon verbena he loves. He helped set up small holder farmers in his community, mostly women with less than a hectare of land.

Route to market

Supporting Families

Equally grown by women at home with children or the elderly and retired - this collective is supported with organic compost and a vital route to market.

With your support – just by drinking this sublime tea you are supporting vulnerable families and communities across the world.

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