Valentine's Day 2023 Virtual Tea Party

Valentine's Day 2023 Virtual Tea Party

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On the 12th of February, we would love you to join our third annual Valentine's tea party.

Hosted by Henrietta (the Rare Tea Lady) and the Rare Tea team, we'll be holding this on Zoom so we can all join in - an afternoon tea party with live tasting, questions and stories.

This time we have two extraordinarily special teas to taste - our new and very limited edition Satemwa Whole Leaf English Breakfast blend and new Malawi White Silver Tips. Two very different, but equally delicious teas we know you'll adore, from a tea garden overflowing with stories we can't wait to share. Our Satemwa Whole Leaf English Breakfast also comes in a larger resealable bag - perfect for sharing with loved ones who you're more than welcome to bring along.

What better time to celebrate the love we share for tea and one another. We wanted to give our wonderful tea community a chance to see each other and exchange ideas and appreciation. If you want to share the story of how you really fell in love with tea, we’d love to hear.

This event is FREE to join but you can pick up a bundle with the teas so that you can taste along.

TICKET ONLY - this is a digital product and does not require shipping.

An interactive Valentine’s Tea Party streamed online, hosted by Henrietta Lovell (@RareTeaLady).

We'll be privately streaming the event via Zoom, the link to access will be sent the same day of the event.

Sunday 12th of February 2023 17:30pm (GMT) for 60 minutes.

(CET 6:30pm, EST 12:30pm, CST 11.30am, MST 10.30am, PST 09.30am.)

Don't worry if you don't have exactly these teas - our Tea Parties are for everyone!

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