Wholesale & Trade

Our mission is to source and supply the world’s best tea and herbal infusions, directly from the men and women that grow and process them.

By working directly with these passionate people, we have full transparency that both the land and the workers are thriving. It also means we can confidently secure the best harvests each season.

We take pride in the personal relationship we build with you.

We advocate fostering long term relationships, working together to build the perfect tea menu and service – for us tea is not ‘just tea’.

As your needs adapt so do our services. We hope to provide the best customer service available anywhere. We can do this because we are a small, tea-obsessed team not a large faceless organisation.

No customer is too big or too small. We work with tiny teashops and gastro pubs as well as Michelin starred restaurants and grand hotels. We are very proud of all of our tea partners and we know each other by first names.

Environmental Policy

Meticulous Care

We only work with farms committed to an organic approach to farming – no herbicides or pesticides.

Direct Trade

We do not buy from brokers and there are no middle men. Real relationships, both with the farms and our customers, are essential to Rare Tea.

Sustainable Focus

Rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, maintaining quality of the soil on a long-term basis.

Rare Charity

A direct percentage of revenue raised from tea sales will go directly to funding scholarships for disadvantaged youth in Malawi.

Rare Charity

Our sister organisation

Who we work with


The Rare Tea Company exemplifies the very best of quality food and drink in Britain today: the exquisite good taste of one gifted individual, Henrietta Lovell, realised in a collection of superlative products.

Jay Rayner, Observer Restaurant Critic

Frankly the best cup of tea to be had in Blighty...if you ask around who sells the best tea...you hear the same name - Henrietta Lovell.

Rose Prince, The Telegraph

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to make your tea service as beautiful and stress free as possible.

Personalised Menus

Creation of a bespoke tea menus that suits your needs from a single cafe to a chain of hotels, throughout the day and through the different venues.

Brand Security

Full traceability of each our teas, we know the fields and the farmers. We regularly visit our farms personally, not relying on middlemen.

Comprehensive Support

Full consultancy from concept to execution – including tea-ware, accessories, sequence of service and storage

Training & Development

On-going training & development, including staff appraisal and secret shopping.

Food Pairing

Guided tea pairing, including tasting menus together with chefs and sommeliers. Seminars and tastings for the kitchen and bar teams.

Ice Tea & Cocktails

Iced tea programme with seasonal variations and innovative methodologies. Full bar consultancy and cocktail development is available.

Would you like to work with us?

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch using the form below, or call +44 (0) 207 681 0115