the gift of tea
Rare Tea Gifts

Our tea gift sets (in our completely unbiased opinion) make the best present you can give anyone. For those who are new to infusing tea beyond tea bags, our specialist tea gifts include both the tea and the loose leaf teaware to provide everything you need to open up new worlds of pleasure.

Whether it's a traditional British tea gift with a fine bone china tea set or an even more traditional Chinese tea gift set for making oolong Gongfu style in a gaiwan, we have curated a collection we hope will suit all tea lovers. Read more

Why does tea make such a great gift?

Tea makes a wonderful gift for so many reasons: it allows for many hours, days and possibly years of pleasure. This generous tea gift is like making a cup of tea for someone, an act of love and care. It's a huge treat to receive these precious loose leaf teas, whether you buy someone their favourite tea or something new and exciting to try. Giving loose leaf tea to a loved one can introduce them to a whole new world of delicious flavour and sustainability (not more single-use bags).

With so many varieties of loose leaf teas and herbs to try there is truly something for everyone. We have created a range of gift sets to be the perfect gift for anyone, from a tea connoisseur to a gift box for someone new to loose leaf tea.

As well as being a great gift for friends and family, gifting Rare Teas has a wider impact on the world. By buying a Rare Tea gift set you are supporting tea communities - a gift that gives back. We only work with tea gardens that support sustainable farming practices. None of our precious loose leaf teas are grown using synthetic pesticides or herbicides. All our teas are loose leaf- no single use teabags laced with solvents, beaches, glues or nanoplastics. Rare Tea gift sets are a sustainable way to give.

Our gift sets can be shipped directly to your loved one wherever they are in the world with worldwide delivery.

Do you have any cheaper gift sets?

Our gift sets come at a range of price points and the components in each set are also available to buy on their own (a single tin of Rare Tea is a great idea for stocking fillers or for adding to gift hampers). With our loose leaf tea kit you can save up to 15%; buying a tin of tea, glass teapot and strainer together. There are also savings to be had with our subscription boxes which are great for those looking to explore a range of delicious loose leaf teas over six months.

What’s the best gift set for someone who loves herbal tea?

Our herbal tea gift set is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys herbal infusions or is avoiding caffeine (also a great pregnancy gift set). It contains loose leaf rooibos, whole chamomile flowers, lemon herb blend and spearmint. We also have a wider selection of herbal tisanes to explore individually as well as our Herbal Subscription Box.

What’s the best gift set for someone who likes black tea?

We have a huge collection of black teas to satisfy any black tea lover but our English Breakfast Gift Set is a brilliant way to explore a range of styles of English Breakfast blends. We also offer a Black Tea Subscription Box that has more esoteric choices.

Our Rare Earl Grey is one of our most popular black teas that has converted even the most adamant tea bag drinker to quality loose leaf tea.

What’s the best set for a beginner to loose leaf tea?

For someone new to loose leaf tea we suggest our Loose Leaf Tea Kit. This kit contains everything your loved one needs to start their loose leaf tea journey as well as your choice of tea tin - whether they're more of a green tea person or might like to be introduced to a sweet and delicate white tea!

This kit is perfect for introducing your teabag-drinking friends and family to the delicious world of sustainable loose leaf tea. Once they taste tea as good as this they'll never look back.

If you know your loved one enjoys a big mug of tea we also recommend our Rare Tea Infuser which makes loose leaf tea super quick and easy.