Tea Masterclass - Tea & Well-Being II

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Tea Masterclass - Tea & Well-Being II

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We think tea is miraculous. Calming in times of peril and fortifying when courage is required. Whilst we firmly believe all good tea is good for your well-being, Rare Tea Lady created a range of Well-Being teas specifically blended to be delicious panaceas.

In this masterclass Henrietta will introduce you to these blends - tell you the stories that inspired them, about the ingredients that make them and the people and places behind them. Not forgetting - of course - the the often overlooked but vital ingredient to feeling good - great flavour.

As well as our three Well-Being blends, we’ll explore matcha - a powdered green tea that’s naturally high in antioxidants and can be prepared in numerous wonderful ways. The process of making tea in itself can aid our well-being - whether a full meditative tea ritual or just a few quiet minutes away from your screen whilst the kettle heats up and your tea infuses.

Take a moment for yourself and join us as we explore this delicious collection of teas that are good for you, good for the environment, and good for the people who lovingly grow and craft them.

Pick up a bundle with every tea featured in the tasting and get a ticket to this masterclass absolutely free.


A Tea & Well-Being Masterclass streamed online, hosted by Henrietta (the Rare Tea Lady) and Holly (Rare tea expert).


We'll be privately streaming the event via Zoom, the link to access will be sent the same day of the event.

Audience participation is encouraged but not mandatory!


Sunday 17th of March 2024 17:30pm (GMT) for 60 - 70 minutes (including questions and answers).

(CET 6:30pm, EST 12:30pm, CST 11.30am, MST 10.30am, PST 09.30am.)

Don't worry if you don't have exactly these teas - the Masterclass will be generalised knowledge for loose leaf tea across the board.

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