Loose Leaf Well-Being Tea

Well-Being Tea
Delicious infusions that we hope will aid your well-being.

These delicious Well-Being loose leaf tea blends were made to be exactly that - delicious. Blended by our rare Tea Lady Henrietta, to be not only beneficial to our health and well-being but contain the often overlooked but vital ingredient to feeling good - great flavour.

Unlike some herbal remedies you definitely won't need to hold your nose or try to gulp down our wellbeing teas. We hope you will sip these blends of natural tea and pure herbs with great pleasure.

They are all composed of sustainably grown loose leaf teas and herbs that have been grown naturally without chemical pesticides and herbicides. They come to you loose without any industrially made teabags of any kind. No matter how biodegradable (or not) they may be, all tea bags must be manufactured; a tree doesn't turn into paper by magic or corn into a plastic mesh which involves industrial chemicals. So feel your best and know that the tea you drink is not having a negative effect on the world around you.