Chinese Pu'er
Chinese Pu'er
Chinese Pu'er
Chinese Pu'er

Chinese Pu'er Loose Leaf Pu'er Tea

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This is a dark, richly umami loose leaf tea from Yunnan Province – the home of Pu'er Tea.

This Pu'er loose leaf tea has been chosen for its flavour. We have broken the tea up from the cakes to make it easier to infuse. It might not cost an emperor's ransom, but it does taste rather good.

Also known by a myriad of different spellings - Pu'er, Pu'erh, Puer, Puerh, Pu-er, and Pu-erh are all used.

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22 April 2022
Ida S.
United States

Pu'er Tea 's Flavor Has Depth

I learned something new recently: the difference between "Black" tea and "Red" tea. What we Americans call "Black" tea is actually "Red" tea to those in the East. Eager to learn the difference, I ordered Pu'er, and I found it delightful but not heavy as I had expected.

27 September 2019

Tastes better than it smells

I had never tried a Pu-erh before and although the smell is a tad on the 'fishy' or umami side, the taste is a nice black tea, best without milk.

13 May 2019

Earthy, silky goodness

Admittedly I did not know what Pu-erh was all about before I tried this, but now it's my go to when I want something hot to drink with savoury foods or simply something to warm my bones on a rainy day. The earthy flavour just feels comforting.

Tasting Notes

The texture is silky, like well-water and the flavour is deep, earthy, with notes of autumn leaves and a wonderful underlying sweetness.


Use 0.07oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water (2g per 150ml).


For the optimum infusion use 194°F (90°C) water.


Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly. Best enjoyed without milk.


You can infuse this tea at least three times. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Cost Per Cup

25¢ per cup based on 0.09oz of leaf per 5.1fl oz of water and 3 infusions.

Origin & Craft

Pu'er tea is traditionally a very slow fermentation of a partly oxidised "dark" tea that can take decades to reach maturity and cost many thousands of pounds. This ripe Pu'er has first been "wet-pilled" where it undergoes an initial wet fermentation for 45 days to begin the process. This allows the tea to reach a smoothness and delicacy of a much older "raw" Pu'er. It is also vastly more affordable.

Some very old Pu'ers that date back to before Chairman Mao's Revolution are extremely valuable. They can be traded for eye-watering sums due to their rarity and the history they belong to - much like vintage champagnes. An old bottle of champagne may be worth a king's ransom and then disappoint as soon as it is opened. It may be corked or spoilt. Its value is not determined on the quality of the liquid inside but on the age of the bottle. The same is sometimes true of Pu'er. Once an old Pu'er cake has been unwrapped, broken and the tea infused - it might not be the most delicious tea despite its price - and its value is then lost, so they are often more traded than drunk.

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