Japanese GenMatcha

Japanese GenMatcha Loose Green Tea

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A truly delicious Japanese green tea with delectable aromas of popcorn.

Our GenMatcha is made from organically grown sencha green tea, combined with toasted Japanese brown rice - ground into a very fine powder for use in a tea latte - served hot or cold.

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Tasting Notes

Sweetness and umami in perfect balance - with notes of popcorn and cereal milk.

Equally good with whole or oat milk, served hot or cold. The natural sweetness of the green tea is intensified in the milk with a gentle, round and very comforting unami finish.


Use 0.1oz (2 scoops with a traditional bamboo Chashaku spoon) of matcha per 4.5 fl oz of hot milk (2g per 125ml).


For the optimum infusion use milk below 181Β°F (83Β°C). Using milk above the scalding point will affect the "foaminess" of the product.


Make a fine paste with a splash of milk. Add the remaining milk and whisk vigorously in a M or W shape until a fine foam is created.

Cost Per Cup

This can also be enjoyed as an iced tea, using either milk or water.

We recommend whisking to a smooth paste with a little bit of your liquid first, and then topping up with the rest. Full extraction takes about 1 hour, use 3g per litre of liquid.


Wahoken Tea Garden

He checks the tea every day to assess the amount of bugs that eat the pests that eat the leaf, against the amounts of pests that eat the leaves.

If the bugs that eat the pest out number the pests, then he just lets the ecosystem do its thing.

When the number of pests that eat the leaves is higher he uses the Hurricane King to clear the leaf.

The result is natural, sustainable and delicious tea.

Chashaku Matcha Scoop

Add a little ceremony to your matcha by using a genuine Japanese matcha scoop to measure your matcha into the bowl.


Rosemary Wilkinson White Matcha Bowl

Stoneware and white glaze matcha bowl, with a painted indent, handmade in London, UK.

Each bowl has been designed and handmade so you can whisk your lovely, frothy matcha and drink straight from the bowl.


Chasen Matcha Whisk

Made out of a single piece of bamboo, this traditional Japanese whisk will allow you to effectively whisk matcha into to the perfect consistency.