Indian Loose Leaf Tea

If you are looking for loose leaf teas and herbs from India we have a selection sourced direct from farms in the foothills of the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent.

We don't only select premium Indian loose leaf tea to offer you as single estate teas, but also use them in many of our English Breakfast blends. The best Indian loose leaf tea also makes a truly delicious iced tea; particularly our Broken Cloud Indian black tea.

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How is Indian Tea Different?

Indian tea differs from all other teas, in the same way a fine wine from France differs from wines from other parts of the world. Terroir plays a hugely important part in a tea's flavour.

Our Cloud Tea is grown in the high cloudy hills of Meghalaya which produces wonderful teas with great florality - similar to the light floral notes of a premium Darjeeling tea - but also rich malty notes like those you would expect from the best Assam tea. We also offer black loose leaf teas from the state of Sikkim in the Himalayas.

These quality loose leaf teas from the foothills of the Himalayas are wonderfully complex and sometimes lighter and more floral than the deep malty flavour of teas from Assam. It is these wonderful flavour notes that elevate the loose leaf English Breakfast blends they are used in.

Types & Grades of Indian Loose Tea

We only source the highest-grade Indian loose leaf teas and Indian herbal teas that have been hand plucked and crafted by skilled men and women. You may see gradings like TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe). Orange pekoe is not a type of tea, its a grade of tea that was created by the British in colonial times to categorise pricing structures. We prefer not to use any colonial language and follow the farmers in the naming of our teas. Just as you don't get a grade for fine wines, all our Indian loose leaf teas are of the highest quality - bought for delicious flavour over price or commercial categorisation.

The loose leaf black tea and various spices and traditional herbs that we source from India include:

We also source spices used in our Rare Masala Chai, which is a black loose leaf tea enhanced with pure green cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. This loose leaf Masala Chai tea can be drunk black, with milk, with a spoon of honey or as a delicious Chai Latte.

What is the Best Indian Tea?

The best Indian tea is made with pure Indian loose leaves. We don't offer Indian tea bags because the best Indian teas taste better served as loose leaves, free from the taste of bag or packed with any unwanted extra ingredients like glues, bleaches and nano-plastics.

We currently work with two Indian tea gardens located in Meghalaya and Sikkim. Whilst these terroirs are not as well known as their neighbouring regions of Assam and Darjeeling, they produce some of the finest teas in India, and perhaps in the world. The state of Sikkim practices entirely organic agriculture, producing some of the most sustainable and exquisite loose leaf tea in India. The organic loose leaf tea from the Temi tea estate in Sikkim is not only good for the planet but tastes delicious too. The teas of Lakrysiew in Meghalaya are created by one of the most prestigious female tea farmers, Nayan. All of her teas from the inception of the tea garden to the present day have been farmed organically. She also takes incredible care of her community alongside the land.

The care and expertise put into the crafting of our Indian tea leaves are evident in their incredible taste.